Week 8 Assignment 1: Educational Technologies Blog-Melitta Williams


Week 8 Assignment 1: Educational Technologies Blog

Melitta Williams

Technology #1: Is from learner Izlem Atai, who discusses A thin line from the URL: http://www.athinline.org/

URL: http://izlema.blogspot.com/

The first technology is called A Thin Line, according to learner Atai (2012) “Thin Line has a colorful opening page, from which learners can reach five links: Get the Facts, Take Control, Your Stories, Draw Your Line, and Blog. Clicking on “Get the Facts” takes the learner to a page that gives information about sexting, constant messaging, spying, digital disrespect, and cruelty.” Atai (2012) further states “once the learner reads this information, she or he can post this action to “Draw Your Line” to show their stance against digital abuse. “Take Control” allows a learner to get help or help others for problems they face with people in the digital world.” With that said, diFilipo (2011) states “technology leadership must become fully engaged to ensure that teaching and learning have priority consideration. If the teaching and learning dot is overlooked, the final picture will not be revealed.”


The rationale for choosing this technology is because it helps students learn about how they can protect themselves and other when interacting online as well the technology helping learns pledge to take a stand against  abusing technology. For example, this is a great site for learners to discuss stories or offer advice about experiences they have had to educate other people as well as gain information that could be useful to out for when using the internet.

Example #1

The first way this technology could be used is by having students create a blog on the site by using a technology term and providing an example of a safe way to use the that term on the internet also students will have to provide a negative way that the term is used and how it could damage someone if it is used inappropriately.

Example #2

The second way this technology could be used is by having students selecting information from one of the many archives labeled get the facts and complete a one page project that explains how this information is useful towards their learning experience in the class.

Technology #2: is from learner Janet Rodriquez who reflected upon Net Literacy which was found at URL: http://www.netliteracy.org/

URL: http://jrod530.wordpress.com/

Learner, Rodriquez (2012) states “Net literacy’s site looks very well put together with many resources. It also has many articles about “best practices” on digital literacy. Rodriquez further states “that the site has a number of “connections” on the dashboard and many important figures in the pictures which help making it seem very serious and attention getting.” The two examples Rodriquez (2012) uses is “safe connects, which goes over cyber bullies and many resources that can help educators and adults to understand what it is about. As well as the link called “Senior Connects” and how senior citizens can use the internet correctly.”


The reason for choosing this technology is because it has great tools for users of all ages, it lets learners create blogs, and it offers a page of partner and advocates which could open up resources for job opportunities, as well as providing press release information. This is a great site for jobs that could be available for students as well as students gaining educational information from presentations that they can access right from their computers.

Example #1

The first way to use Net Literacy is by putting students in 5 groups of 4, assigning each student a chapter good practice where each student will have to design a one page colored description about the practice and each student in the group then will combine their descriptions and make it into one poster to share with the other groups.

Example #2

The second way in using Net Literacy is by having students go online and watch an educational related source on the profession they are seeking to go into and then they will have to create a 1-2 page job related blog with pictures, information about that job, and name one type of technology that could be used in that job setting.


Atai, I. (2012).Digital citizenship, ethics, and netiquette. Retrieved from http://izlema.blogspot.com/

diFilipo, S. (2011). Connecting the dots to the future of technology in higher education. Retrieved from http://www.educause.edu/ero/article/connecting-dots-future-technology-higher-education

Rodriquez, J. (2012). Retrieved from http://jrod530.wordpress.com/


15 thoughts on “Week 8 Assignment 1: Educational Technologies Blog-Melitta Williams

  1. Melitta,
    Thank you for these very informative web sites. As I previewd a thin line, I noticed that this would be a very good site to use with young and graduate learners. I really liked the content on sexting and respect etc… This is very good to show the learners at a very young age that you are responsible for everything that you put into the digital world. Teaching digital citizenship should be required beginning in the middle school level now days to teach all about the ever growing technological world and the internet!

  2. Melitta- Great blog discussion this week with ways to use the sites among adult learners. I like that you have selected a variety of activities; research paper, different types of blog, and the group exercise that is not just about writing another paper. Your planning shows creativity and should appeal to diverse learners- thanks again for sharing your ideas and your enthusiasm. Teri

  3. Hi Teri
    Thanks for your comments and I hope that learners are able to find at least one activitit where they are able to relate and find comfortability in enhancing learning skills for themselves, it has been a pleasure being in class with you this semester. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  4. Melitta, This was so well put together and I made a strong connection to the site from Izlem Atai. http://www.athinline.org/
    it has a great message and it made in such a way it looks like a teenager would be interested in it. It has messages from famous people on popular issues. I may use this in my job in working with students. So many people both older and young do not know enough about the internet and how to protect themselves. This is one way to get them involved and bring it to them in a way in which they will be interested from the start. Great Site.- Janet

    • Hi Janet
      Thanks for your comments and yes I got the same feel about this site and I hope that you are able to apply this site towards helping your learners. Thanks for the everything. Merrly Christams and it has been a pleasure being in class with you.

      • Melitta,

        Thank you for the technologies you posted in your blog from Izlem and Janet. Both technologies are ones that can be applied in instructing and guiding employees as they interact on the Internet with their inquiries, students, and other personnel in the organization. The last technology, “netliteracy” provides connections to resources that employees can use for employment opportunities and the direction the employment market is going, blogging, and correct use of the Internet and where to go to get information.

        Thank you again, Melitta.

      • Hi Gayle,
        Thanks for the feedback and yes both technologies offer something worth utilizing for learners that will help them futher something more so in education but also something they can use within their community and everyday lifestyles. Thanks for everything Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  5. Hi Mellita,
    Thank your for your great suggestions. I specifically liked your suggestions for the Thin Line. I think having learners to create a blog on the site to have them show their reactions on the topic and give their suggestions will help us educators see what they think and determine what support we can give to them.
    Great discussion, Melitta.

    • Hi Su,
      Thanks for the feedback and and I would agree that it is always good to get a reaction from learners so that they are capable of seeing and being able to guide their own learning. Futhermore I feel that this helps them build other traits such as responsibility, pride, and confidence in the way they are able to create quality work for themselves and share with others. Thanks so much it has been a pleasure being in class with you this semester. Happy Holidays

  6. Melitta,

    I too enjoyed your blog on a thin line. I visited the websifte and think we could use something such as this as a district wide campaign to bring awareness to cyper bullying and just being respectful to each other when online. We deal with alot of bullying everday on my campus with facebook issues with teenagers. I know that some parents just like me are not as technology savvy as our children and things with social media tend to get out of hand. This would help eliminate alot of that if schools would buy into the concept!



    • Hi Aubrey,
      Thanks for the comments and yes I as well feel that A thin line was a great site which could be used for new technology learners as well as teens as you stated. As you state this would be a great site to introduce district wide due to its ability to educate and help people in general know that technology is a great aspect but when we use it in the wrong content it can be harmful to others and there character. Thanks for sharing this response it was benefical and I hope you have great holidays and it has been fun being in class with you this semester.

  7. Hey Melita,

    I really enjoyed you blog. We also share the same belief on adults learners beign taught to respect the technolgy online atsmosphere. This was so informative that I had to view the site “Thin Line” to check out the potential it may have in me using it in a future course or class. Good post,
    Hiraman Byrd.

    • Hi Hiraman,
      This is great and in order to teach I feel that as an educator a person has to have strong beliefs and compassion about what is going to be good in order to educate the learners you are teaching. Because no matter the age learners want to know that the educator can guide them and provide reliable information for them to feel and be successful. Thanks so much Happy Holidays it has been great being in class with you.

  8. Melitta,

    You have been quite the popular Blogger! Many followers have written and discussed your findings. Of course, you deserve so much recognition because of the excellent work you have put out. Your rationale and examples have helped each reader to identify with your research and to learn ideas for their future educational experiences. It has been a pleasure working with you these past 8 weeks and I have enjoyed knowing you and reading your work. I wish you well in your future course work.


    • Hi Jeremy,
      Thank you so much for all your thoughtful words and comments this is nice. It has been a pleasure being in this class with you as well and I have learned so much from you and about other learners personality by blogging and I wish you well in your future work and Happy Holidays to you and your family. We have almost accomplished all of our courses and it will be exciting to partake in the educational field and experience the hands on with learners.
      Thanks again

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