Week 7 Assignment 1: Educational Technologies Blog-Melitta Williams


Week 7 Assignment 1: Educational Technologies Blog

Melitta Williams

URL: http://www.networketiquette.net/

Netiquette (n.d.) “is a combination of network and etiquette is the social code of the internet because the internet is a network and etiquette is a social code.” Netiquette (n.d.) “internet etiquette is centered on data and its use. The types of data are: text, audio, graphic, and video. Each website supports these types of data to some degree. Since internet use is new and increasing there are new words to accommodate its use, cyber words.” Barkley(2009) further states “netiquette had a positive impact on the groups during the early stages of the course when novice learners, both to online learning and higher education, were developing their confidence and trust in their peers” (p.163).

The reason I selected this technology is because it provides a great guide to what rules to use such as “the Golden rule: which is doing on to others as you want them to do to you” (Netiquette, n.d.). In general the site helps educate people on how to be safe while going on-line to communicate with others and how effective using internet rules can be of benefit to them.

Example one:

The first way I would use the Netiquette site is by having learners present a 1 page power point presentation by using images, words, or pictures from one of the ten to illustrate how that rule is important when using the internet and technology.

Example Two:   

The second way I would use Netiquette site is by putting learners in a small group of 4 learners then having learners list 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of the ten rules and then compare and contrast their findings in the classroom setting. An additional assignment would be for learners to individually complete an online quiz from the URL: http://www.learnthenet.com/test-yourself/netiquette/index.php to test their knowledge of the rules of netiquette.

URL: http://www.mirandanet.ac.uk/worldecitizens/

The second technology is World Ecitizens (n.d.) “aims to encourage understanding between peoples and communities and to share the fascinating diversity within nations and across the world web based learning environment is a rich resource for educational collaboration in topics such as responsible citizenship, mutual respect, combating social injustice and conflict prevention and resolution. WE participants can build projects together, join in debates, and develop electronic portfolios.”

The rationale for using this technology is because the site gives resources for learners to connect and have interaction with other learners in groups from all over the world as well as being able to design educational projects. But what is equally important it that the site provides and additional link called “Etopia Project for educators where they also can interact and collaborate with other professionals” (World Ecitizens, n.d.).

Example One:

The first way learners could benefit from using World Ecitizens is by providing leaners with a discussion question, for example how can respect be given when communicating with others online or through technology? Learners then have to come up with two activities that they feel would promote respect when interacting with individuals across the world.

Example Two:

The second way leaners can benefit from using World Ecitizens is by having learners connect with another person from another country and spend 4 days finding out specific information about their learning environment and setting in which they live in and then on the 5 day present a two page research paper on their findings.


Bradley, S. (2009). The impact of netiquette on online group work: A study of UK Open University students. In O. Kallioinen (Ed.), Learning by developing—New ways to learn 2009 conference proceedings (pp. 152–167). Espoo, Finland: Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

Learn the net. (2012). Retrieved December 10, 201, from http://www.learnthenet.com/test-yourself/netiquette/index.php

Netiquette. (n.d.) Retrieved December 10, 2012, from http://www.networketiquette.net/

World Ecitizens (n.d.) Retrieved December 10, 2012, from http://www.mirandanet.ac.uk/worldecitizens/


10 thoughts on “Week 7 Assignment 1: Educational Technologies Blog-Melitta Williams

  1. Melitta,
    I really like the way you set your we site up! I like the way you deliver your assignment as well. Very thourough and easy to read. Nettiquette is very muvh needed in the cyber world. Because we do not have the face to face interaction with internet, i think this site would work well in a class with adult learners that have to respond to others’ work. World Ecitizens would work for me in my distance education since it focuses on culture and diversity and usually online learning is very diverse. This sharing will be beneficial to me.

    • Hi Revonne,
      Thank you so much for all the feedback I felt as if both sites offered the same possibilities to learners due to how they showed great potential in addressing everyday situations that occur online for learners. Also I feel that in using technology with learners that if they can use a site in which they can relate to then it helps guide what and how their learning is essential.
      Thanks again,

  2. Hi Melitta,
    I am interested in the World ECitizens technology that you described in your post. My learners are in a monolingual environment, and they do not have a chance to communicate with people from different cultures at school or in their daily lives. I can use this technology to expose them to different cultures, so that they can learn the rules of netiquette when communicating with people online from another culture. I liked your second example and I can use it with my learners, too. It is a great idea to ask them to collect information about a person from a different culture for four days and then to present their findings.
    Thank you for giving me this idea,

    • Hi Izlem,
      Thanks for the comments and you are very welcome, I as well felt that the World ECitizens technology was a great source to engage learners to learning about culture differences and how technology may be utilized from a different perspective. I really like how technology offers so many great aspects to learning and how it can give learners the ability to challenge different things in their educational lifestyles.

  3. Melitta,

    You have provided two great resources to use teach and enforce netiquette skills for digital communicators.

    I particularly like World Ecitizens technology. I like how its aim is to create a learning, communication, and collaboration environment that is safe and respectful for users to use with others from different countries and cultures in a way that promotes good digital citizenship.

    Thank you, Melitta, for the resources you have presented in your blog that support and teach digital citizenship and netiquette.


    • Hi Gayle,

      Thanks for the comments and yes I also felt that World ECitizens technology was a great source due to how students learn different aspects about culture. Upon doing further research I felt that this site may also offer support and activities which can help students to become more knowledgeable about how citizenship works. I have provided the link if you are interested in viewing details and possibly registering to the website.

  4. Melitta good post
    Nettiquette is a very key factor in being able to respond and interact with other poeple on the net. Poor nettiquette makes it next to imposible to deal with someone. Thanks for you information.

    • Hi Steven,
      Thanks for your comments and yes this is the first class that I have taken in which netiquette has been discussed in great detail. The topic has been very beneficial toward learning as well as me learning new things that I did not know. Now I feel that I have a better understanding about what to look for and how to be more alert when interacting with others online. Thanks for sharing and your contributions this week.

  5. Hey Melitta,

    I really enjoy reading your post I first would like to add that netiquette was a social code and I did not know about data being a text ext. The second technology is World Ecitizens (n.d.) “aims to encourage understanding between peoples and communities and to share the fascinating diversity within nations and across the world web based learning environment. This is interesting because I never heard of this site but the information you provided made me feel like I seen this site several times.


    • Hi Hiraman,

      Thanks for the response and both technologies offered great information and resources which provides a lot of understanding to help educators and learners which I really liked because I feel that as educators we have to keep information current for our learners but also keeping the information current for us as well. Strategic Travel Action Resource (2005) establishes that “technology is always changing and, with these changes in technology comes changes in the way people live. Changes in technology affect us at work, at home, in our car, when we travel it is everywhere” (p.1). Thanks for your contributions and understanding this week.



      Strategic Travel Action Resource. (2005). The ever-changing face of technology. Retrieved from http://www.ntaonline.com/includes/media/docs/changingtechstar.pdf

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