Week 3 Assignment 1

Week 3 Assignment 1

Melitta Williams

O’Neal, C.  Technology integration Ning: A social network for adults. Retrieved from http://www.edutopia.org/ning-social-network-adults

The first social networking service I will discuss is Ning, O’Neil (2007) states that “Ning is an online service social-networking Web 2.0 site that is primarily geared toward adults; it is more a place to create social networks rather than a social network in itself. Lots of social-networking groups are being built at Ning, which describes itself as the only online service where you can create, customize, and share your own social network for free in seconds.”

The rationale for why I selected this technology is because it is primarily designed for adults and I feel that adult learners could gain access to educational content. O’Neal (2007) further states “that Ning is a their writing comfortable and friendly place to start for beginners  that offers lots of resources and links to teach you what Web 2.0 is all about, and classroom examples of Web 2.0 applications in use.”  Also Richardson (2010) expresses “Ning is a great environment where for students to test out their writing skills for a dedicated audience and in many other ways such as members being able to comment and interact by providing opportunities to reflect upon ethics and safety about connecting online” (p.140).

Example one:

I feel a great way to use Ning in the classroom is by offering learners to discuss with one another which would entail for learners to create a blog and interact with one another to focus on strengthens as a group and what each individual  learner also can bring to class assignments and projects.

Example Two:

The second idea I feel that would be beneficial is by having learners create a Ning account and as the educator interacting with learners through messages, photos and other different features to share information and announcements that I want learners to utilize throughout the course.

Oliveri, D. (2009). What is Twitter and how does it work?.  Retrieved from http://suite101.com/article/what-is-twitter-and-how-does-it-work-a87944

The second social network service I will discuss is Twitter, I would like to state that even though I have not have the privilege of using Twitter I have heard that this site offers a lot of great aspects for learners. According to Oliveri (2009) “Twitter is an instant messenger service that uses the web as well as mobile texting and other venues to stay connected with friends and family.” Further Oliveri (2009) states that “messages sent out by Twitter users are limited to 140 characters, which is just enough for a quick update.”  I see this offering benefits as well as challenges to learners, for example the benefits could be that learners are able to be specific and say what they actually need to say however if learners who are very detailed this could be a problem for them.

The rationale for why I selected this technology is because it is free to join as well as Oliveri (2009) illustrating that “It allows the user to send messages to friends and family quickly and easily. Twitter only asks one question, “What are you doing?” As long as an answer is 140 characters or less, it is possible for thousands of people to see the answer immediately.”  As well as Richardson (2010) stating it is a blend of professional and personal that makes Twitter such a cool tool on so many levels” (p.86). in general I feel that this technology could help learners get a comfortable feel to learning due to not being overwhelming due to what they need to say but focus more on what they have to share and say to other learners.

Example one:

The first way I would use Twitter into my professional practice is by having learners use the site such as Walden to access information such as articles and news relate information that could pertain to class content. For example when I was getting my first master’s degree we also did a technology class where we would use social networking as a resource to utilize information for class projects.

Example Two:

I feel another great aspect of using Twitter would be to help learners to other professionals and or learners that are trying to find professional connections. This has been one of my current challenges looking to land a job and utilize my educational endeavors however with support from colleagues and their recommendations on sites such as Paltalk and Jobster I have been able to gain access and meet professionals that are willing to give me ideas and feedback on how to get my idea job I am seeking.


Oliveri, D. (2009). What is Twitter and how does it work?.  Retrieved from http://suite101.com/article/what-is-twitter-and-how-does-it-work-a87944

O’Neal, C.  (2007). Technology integration Ning: A social network for adults. Retrieved from http://www.edutopia.org/ning-social-network-adults

Richardson, W. (2010). Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms (3rd ed.).


6 thoughts on “Week 3 Assignment 1

  1. Melitta- I enjoyed your blog this week, you have such enthusiasm when sharing. I appreciate your thoughtful discussion of Ning and the difference between the site and other social networking sites. . There was reference to it is discussion, and I wanted to learn more. Twitter is great, I think of it as microblogging. I would add only that it is at most times challenging to keep it at 140 characters. This does require some practice and that is a good exercise in itself, especially for me who usually needs to work on being more concise. Thanks again- Teri

    • Hi Teri,
      Thanks for the feeback and I would agree that 140 characters limits what you can actually say and what you may really want to say. I wonder if Twitter has concerned changing the requirments due to edcuational purposes or if they are will to add another feature to allow people to write more of what they want to say.

      Thanks Melita

  2. Melita,

    Your post was very informative and I appreciate everything I read. I will check out the “Ning” site that you mentioned. Based on your review, it looks to be quite useful.
    I also saw where you were using twitter, which then bridged you over to job search sites. I wanted to say that if you are looking for employment to check out Linkedin.com. This is a great networking site that will off you information about jobs in your area and how to go about landing one. Also, when you are job searching try; http://www.indeed.com. This site pulls jobs from all over and lists them. It even lists jobs that would be on a company’s web-site. This site is helpful because some companies do not advertise jobs publically. This site goes in and searches these sites and lists them directly.

    Great Post!!


    • Hi Jeremy,
      Thanks so much for all the information you have provided to me because I have been looking to apply for a job and use what I have learned educationally in my field. It has been really difficult to gain a job in education especially in the criminal justice field however due to your knowledge and great resources that you provided I will be able to have a greater chance at gaining my ideal job. Thankyou so muchfor the help and have a great day!

  3. Hello Melitta
    I know that I am behind on all this blogging business. I enjoyed you information about Ning and twitter. I have only heard about both of these sites but have never used them. They sound interesting I might have to go to them someday.

    • Hi Steven,
      Thanks for the comments and yes I encourage you to take a look at these social networking sites cause they can provide a lot of useful information. Steven again thanks for your feedback.

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