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Wikipedia. (2004). Jon Udell: Heavy metal umlaut. Retrieved from

The first resource is called Screencasting according to Friedman (2011) “screencasting is a video of a computer screen combined with narration that compliments the video” (p.1).  From the example, Richardson (2010) “suggests to view an operational screencast from the website” (p.123). Upon viewing the suggested link “Jon Udell, navigator explains how a “discussion was created on April 2003 about an article on heavy metal umlaut” (Wikipedia, 2004). The results indicated that from that “discussion that started in April 2003, people were able to go back and make changes to the page and with that capability on June of 2004 someone went in and included obscene language to the text” (Wikipedia, 2004).

The reason I chose to reflect upon screencasting is because I feel this is a creative way for students to be able to be adventurous, responsible, and include technology into projects which makes it fun for learning and them being able to take control of how and what they are learning.

Example one

The first way I would incorporate screencasting into the classroom would be by having students get into groups of four to six and create a video by using a computer. They would have to able to use different images from the internet and then later publish their work onto a website of their choice.

Example two

The second example of how I would corporate screencasting in education is by me the educator interacting with learners by creating a screencast then asking them to create a screencast to interact with me.

The second media I have chosen to discuss is Flickr, according to (Yahoo, 2012) “Flickr helps people make photos available to people who matter to them as well as helping people make new ways of organizing photos and videos.” Richarson (2012) states “the easiest place for teachers and students to began experimenting with creating and publishing content other than text is by digital photographing” (p.101).

The reason for selecting this technology is because this is a great way to share, letting others see what you are proud of and photos is a sense of what one has accomplished and why it is important to them. For example I was picked as a candidate for Super Sunday. This is a program where I was able to share my experiences and awareness to the community about being a college student. I also did a photo shoot at our local community college here in Maysville where I was put in a brochure for other students to see and recognize me for my achievements.

Example one

The first way I feel that Flickr can be used in the classroom is by learners being able to reflect upon culture and this can be done by learners sharing photos and interacting with other students online from a different country. This reminds of how pen pal worked when I was in high school and we had to send a letter and photo to another student from another country, it was a great way of meeting new people and finding out about who they were.

Example two

The second way I would use Flickr is by having learners create and share a photo story about who they are. I feel that this could be a great ice breaker project to do an introduction upon the beginning of class and helps people learn about their backgrounds and what is important in their life.


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14 thoughts on “Melitta Williams -Assignment 1: Educational Technologies Blog

  1. Melitta,
    I like the idea of the screencasting. It would be a great way to help students understand the connection between written and oral communication. Learners sometimes do not always realize that practicing good writing and being conscious of their grammar also comes out in their speech. The more practice they have in both areas, the better they will become at both. Screencasting would be a great way to incorporate both skills.

    • Octavia,
      Thanks for the response and feedback. I would agree with your assumptions because it is good to know how to effectively communicate both verbally and written. I like it because students are able to create a story and this opens the line of communication up for learners to be able to set and own up to goals personally and educationally where others are able to see their work. Thanks for the comments!

  2. Hello Melitta,
    As a language instructor, I have found both applications that you have suggested effective. I would especially like to use Flickr. The feature that allows you to upload photos and videos would allow me to add variety and fun to my lessons. I can use photos to warm up and activate their schemata before a reading text. Or, I can ask them to write a story for a set of photographs. This can help them to work on grammar and writing skills. They can also share their own photos and this would let them learn more about each other. As you have also suggested, this can be a great ice breaker.
    Thank you for your suggestions,

    • Hi Seher,
      Thanks for the response and feedback and yes Flickr appears to be a great interactive tool for learners due to the all its functions and capabilities. I like it because of the creativity that learners are able to bring and how learners can put their own twist on appearance and what is important to them. Thanks for the comments.


  3. Melitta,
    I like your choices of multimedia technologies and your planned uses for them. I chose the Ustream.TV as a device to film the entire class during instruction and for group collaboration. This is very similiar to the screencasting you presented. The Flickr is a great device for students and instructor to use and keep in archives and added to the instructor’s portfolio and/or the student’s permanent record.

    Thank you, Melitta.


    • Hi Gayle,
      I am glad that you found me and thanks for the response. I have never heard of Ustream TV however according to Doc (2012) “UStream delivers streaming video using flash based video players, so no user downloads are required. UStream Inc. has employees in four offices worldwide that monitor large servers which host the website and facilitate the streaming of files from user to user.” This is interesting because I feel that this technology is creative but it also has the live support available if you need assistance and it could broaden how learners interact with one another as well as with others. For example if as an educator you assigned a project where learners had to communicate with others learners from against the country. Thanks for sharing.


      Doc, T. (2012). How Does UStream TV Work? Retrieved from

  4. Melitta,

    Your Blog is great! I love how you incorperated a picture of yourself! It is nice to put a name with a face.
    The technologies you discussed were great and your examples were informative. Thanks so much for your hard work. I look forward to your future blogs!


    • Hello Makemoney at home,
      Thanks for the input and comments I have worked really hard to improve my blog and I am still in progress with making it more beneficial and learn more about how to blog.

      Thank you
      Melitta Williams

  5. Hello Melitta
    I am trying to find my way around this blogging business. I enjoyed your post and the screencasting is vey much like voicethread where people can put video and voice togeather for people to comment on. Good job.

    • Hi Steven,
      Thanks for the response and feedback. You did a good job finding me however this was from last week’s blog. However thanks for the update information and yes according to Voicethread (2012) “With Voicethread, group conversations are collected and shared in one place from anywhere in the world, all with no software to install.” Thanks again you are doing a wonderful job! Look forward to your response.
      Voicethread. (2012). Voicethread overview features. Retrieved from

  6. Mellitta,

    I had no idea of the various types of technology applications available to education. In my district we are pushing reading and writing workshop, so I’m looking forward to working with the teachers and students with screencasting. It think that this form of technology will get some of the more reserved student to be interactive, especially our ELL students.


    • Hi Aubrey,
      Thanks for the comment and that is great that you are going to actually be able to use screencasting. I feel that this technology offers a great way of students and teachers learning new ideas that can be creative for both of them. I wish you and your team the best of luck and keep me up-to-date on how effectively it has worked for you and the team in your work shopping experience.

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